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Peacock Blinds Shade

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Beautiful and lavish, Peacock Blinds Shades facilitate you to decorate your interior the most creative way you have ever desired. These shades are available in stylish designs, colors, and themes to impart in cheery look in a room.

You may choose from a huge variety of natural fabrics that will enchant your senses and soothe your eyes. The world class quality of texture and materials of these shades make for the best choice of window treatment for any home. Right from rich floral colors and prints to various modern prints, the shades will surely add life to ambience of your room.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of your room, these blinds will also add to the privacy and protect your furniture from environmental hazards. The shades ensure apt light control facilities.

The manoeuvring can be done through a single chain used for raising as well as lowering the blind. These blinds are perfect for installing in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. The window shades can be customised according to the effect you wish to create.

Platinum Decor is the leading and highly reputed supplier of Peacock Blinds Shades. Our blinds boost the overall beauty of a given room and ensures the amount of privacy and protection from UV rays required. Lowering and raising of these blinds can be done through movement of a single chain. Operational from Delhi, we offer Peacock Blinds Shades at competitive.

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