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Glass films are used for a variety of purposes. Some of these are used for controlling entry of harmful ultra violet sun rays. Many of these are frosted to ensure privacy into a room. One can choose from frosted and designer films to suit their specific requirements and budget.

Sun Control films are a significant addition to any buildings with glasses. They are efficient enough to ensure versatile window treatments and solutions to any glass window and door of a building. These are devised in a fashion to provide adequate control from solar heat and block harmful ultra violet rays. They also reduce glare and ensure privacy for home and office owners. Another benefit is using to enhance the aesthetic value of a building.

High quality sun control films can reduces air conditioning cost by significant amount. You can expect rejection of around 78 per cent solar energy incident on the glass. Since this is helpful in minimising solar heat gain, cooling interiors, making owners of the building feel cool inside.

The sun blocking quality of glass solar films keeps one protected from hazardous skin diseases. Besides, the quality protects furnishings and upholstery from fading.

Platinum Decor is one of the leading Glass Film suppliers in Delhi. Our glass films are capable of blocking the sunlight and integrating an elegant look to any room. All of these are available at affordable rates.

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