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Choosing Blinds for Your Child’s Bedroom

Children Bedroom Blind Suppliers

Your child’s bedroom definitely needs to be a multi-functional space. This stands true for a child of any age. Since the bedroom is where they spend good amount of time, it needs to be an exciting space. The room usually acts as a playroom, study area, and a toy store for kids.

The choice of blinds for a child’s room need to be practical fun and colourful. These require to be fitted with child safety devices. Regardless of the age of child, the blinds need to help keep their room ventilated, insulated, safe, clean, and blackout light when needed.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best blinds for your child’s room:

Bright Illustrated Blinds

Children love pictures, cartoons, colours, and all things fancy. So it is good to keep the child’s room cool, exciting, soothing and streamlined. Window blinds for children’s rooms are available in exciting colours, shades and prints. You may even get your favourite picture printed onto the blinds.

Child Safety is Important

Children curious beings. They want to know about and experiment many of the strange and wonderful things around the home. Hence, it is critical to focus on keeping your child’s little world safe and absolutely secure. A cord-free mechanism is a great choice. You may also select blinds integrated with child safety functions and devices.

Children Room and Window Cords – Bad Mix

Yes, it is extremely tragic but true that nearly a dozen children die each year from accidents caused by window cord. Keeping window within a child’s reach is extremely dangerous. It takes only a few seconds for a baby, toddler, or a young child to be accidentally strangled. Also infants in cribs near windows can easily grasp a dangling window cord. They may wrap it around their neck unintentionally. Also toddlers, preschoolers, and even school going kids play on beds or climb on furniture placed near windows. They may accidentally get entangled or caught in window cords used to operate shades / blinds. The best way to keep your child safe is to integrate cordless designs in the room. Always consider designs that operate sans chains or cords.

Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is extremely important for a child’s room. A squeaky clean nursery or child’s room keeps house allergy symptoms affecting your kids’ immune system at bay. So look for shades that need less cleaning routine, can be cleaned easily and demand less maintenance. You need to keep dust and other substances away from blinds regularly.

Apt Insulation

Make sure you choose blinds that ensure great insulation to keep your baby warm during winter. It also helps to keep the room cool during summer. Apart from this benefit, it will also cut down on your overall energy bills via keeping the room cool / warm as required.

Baby Blackout Blinds

Heard of baby blackout blinds? Well, these are a wonderful option for parents with babies and young children. The blinds help children gets adequate sleep through the night as they ensure complete darkness for babies and allow them get rest they need. The kids won’t feel irritated by the morning sunlight. Also the blinds will help babies enjoy uninterrupted afternoon naps by blocking strong afternoon sunrays from streaming through windows.