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Simple Ways to Clean Carpets without Using a Machine

Carpets can transform a room’s look instantly. These are available on the market in varied colours, materials, and styles. However, these have a tendency to get soiled and dirty. The fibres attract dirt, pollen, and many other things in the environment. Regular cleaning and maintenance can increase the life of carpets.

Most people prefer using machines (home and commercial) to clean their carpets. This may be a good and very effective way to clean carpet but using machines regularly can affect the quality of material and decrease its lifespan. Most Carpet Suppliers also recommend gentle cleaning at home. So it is better to clean carpets without using machines.

Prior to actually starting off with the carpet cleaning process, you need to find out the type of carpet and material it is made of such as wool, polypropylene, synthetic, or nylon. Here’s how to clean carpets sans facing any hassles:

Blot and Homemade Mixture

If the carpet gets soiled due to fresh spills, start with blotting and remove excess moisture. Use baking soda and vinegar mixture to rub off the stubborn stain.


Spot cleaning is possible by rubbing alcohol on hand. Another idea is to pour some alcohol into a spray bottle and spray it on the affected spot. Rub gently with paper towels.

Powder Cleaning

A lot of carpet cleaners also recommend using powder. It is deemed as a good way to clean carpet. All you need to do is sprinkle some powder liberally over spots or all over the carpet. Allow to stay for around half an hour. Keeping it overnight gives better results. It allows the powder ample time to work. It also softens the stains and remove bad odours. Following morning, vacuum the powder or remove it with a soft carpet brush.

Carpet Shampoo

Use of carpet shampoos is a great way to clean your carpets. The market place is loaded with a huge variety of shampoos. You can choose a brand that best interests you. Once you get home a shampoo, prepare a solution as mentioned on the bottle. Usually, the shampoo must be diluted with water. Now apply as required to cover the affected area. Take care not to wet the carpet too much. Gently scrub on the stubborn spots with a hard-bristled brush. Allow the carpet to dry. Dry the carpet.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you clean the carpet effectively without use of any machine.