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Simple Steps to Install Window Blinds Successfully

Window Blinds

Blinds are an innovative way to dress windows. These are considered as revolutionary innovations for mankind. Installation may be a difficult task for newbies. However, once you learn how to install blinds successfully, you will be adding a good amount of privacy to your home and office. It also helps with adding an ornamentative flare and significant protection from harmful Ultra Violet rays of sun. Luckily these blinds are available in a huge variety of fabrics, styles, colours, and textures.

The Types

Well, there are both horizontal as well as vertical blinds available on the market. These may be made from fabrics, wood, plastic, or aluminum. The price for these may vary from a few dollars to many hundreds of dollars. This depends mainly on the size and style chosen.

Where to Buy

You can purchase these blinds from any of the local hardware store or those specializing in supplying and selling high quality blinds. Some of the companies also specialize in customized blinds and services.

Installation Style

This precisely depends on the window style and type. You may choose to hang the blind outside the frame or inside as per the style and size of window trim. Usually, windows are measured 28″ x 36″. This is the standard interior dimensions of a window. Hanging the blinds inside is the best choice for these windows as it helps homeowners avoid interference with curtains that may be installed in future.

It is always good to follow manufacturer’s directions while installing blinds. First, you need to locate the two end brackets. These brackets tend to hold up the rail assembly securely. Also mark location of brackets using a pencil mark.

Steps to Follow :

Step 1 : The first step involves pre-drilling holes for screws used for mounting the brackets. This facilitates installation of the brackets without wasting.

Step 2 : Use a long, screw driver of narrow shape. Installation of brackets with screws provided by window blind manufacturer.

Step 3 : As soon as you have the brackets installed, simply slide the top rail assembly in securely place.

Step 4 : Slide retain clip into each bracket. The clips hold rail assembly securely.

Step 5 : Once the retaining clips are installed, the rail assembly hold securely inside the brackets.

Step 6 : Now it is time to install the plastic clips on rail assembly. These clips are capable of holding a trim piece to conceal the rail assembly.

Step 7 : Once the clips are installed, simply slide the trim piece into clips.
Step 8 : The last step involves attaching the swivel rod to the rail hook.

This is how you install the blind on window.