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Effective Tips for Cleaning Venetian Blinds

If it is about blocking harmful UV rays, it has to be through Venetian blinds. These blinds are deemed as one of the most successful ways of blocking out light and creating some privacy inside a house. No wonder most home and office owners prefer installing these blinds. Unfortunately these impressive window dressers also act as efficient dust depositories keeping owners busy with cleaning process.

Although light dusting on a weekly basis is adequate to avoid build-up of dust, dirt, and grime, venetian blinds also demand thorough cleaning each season. There are two different ways for cleaning blinds:

  • Washing Blinds
  • Cleaning Slats Individually

Adopting any one depends on amount of dirt accumulated on the blinds.

Here is how you go about cleaning the Venetian blinds well:

Cleaning Preparation

Before starting off with the process of cleaning venetian blinds, it is always crucial to clear anything that comes in the way. So make sure you tie back window coverings, curtains, etc. In case, it is possible for you to take down the blind, dismantle it carefully. Prior to removing the blinds, take care that the slats are open towards a horizontal position. Also the blinds must be raised in a fashion to touch head rail’s bottom. This helps in preventing troubles with mobility, possibility of tearing etc. while lifting head rail from the bracket.

Get Rid of Dust and Dirt

If you have decided to clean each slat separately without removing the blinds, use old socks. These are deemed as the best tools for proper cleaning of blinds by experts. Wet the sock and wipe away the grime gently. It is also wise to dust and wipe the area with a dry sock first. Wear socks on your hands and wipe between forefinger and thumb. For best cleaning, start with the top slat and from the center portion of each slat.

Dust the Blinds

It is always good to dust the blinds lightly prior to applying water. This will help with better cleaning.

Prepare Cleaning Solution

In order to wash blinds in a bathtub, fill up the tub with a cleaning solution. You may add mild detergent to warm water or add some vinegar to water. It is important to soak the blinds for around 30 minutes. This will help loosen dirt and grime. For toughened dirt, use a soft brush for scrubbing it off.

Drying Up

As soon as you are through with cleaning process, it is time to dry up blinds. Make sure you undertake this process really well. Once you have cleaned the blinds, make sure to dry them well. Venetian blinds with metal blinds should be dried completely with no traces of moisture to avoid the possibility of rust. In case, you have immersed the blinds in water, leave it hanging outside for some time. You may also use a hair dryer to save time. Make sure it is set on cool mode.


Apart from following the above listed tips, it is crucial to be extremely careful and gentle when cleaning blinds. You need to be extra cautious when dealing with older blinds.