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Essential Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper

Designer wallpaper can transform interiors of a home instantly. It adds magnetic charm and enhances home decor. Addition of wallpaper to home will let you add beautiful colours, texture, and pattern all at once.

Choice Makes All the Difference

Choice of wallpaper is extremely important for making a home look beautiful and create the desired ambience. Unfortunately, with a plethora of choices available on the market, it isn’t really easy to decide on any one. It may take a lot of time and efforts. Most of the time homeowners tend to make the wrong choice.

How to Choose?

Confused with the number of choices available in the market? Don’t worry. Right from intricate designs to varied texture, detailed patterns, and bold patterns, the tips mentioned below will help you choose the just the perfect wallcovering too make your home look absolutely beautiful.

Things to Know

First timers should take a few things into account before selecting a wallpaper. Large repeating patterns may attract you instantly. However, these are also the hardest to hang as you require match it up very carefully. This is how it will look right. Hiring professionals for hanging wallpapers with bold pattern. For a hassle-free project, it is better to go for ready to hang wallpapers. Also choose one that doesn’t require wallpaper paste.

Visual Effects

Did you know different types and patterns of wallpaper can create different visual effects? For instance, very large patterns can make your room appear smaller. Hence, these make for a good choice for bigger more spacious rooms. The best way to embellish smaller rooms is to adorn them with a scaled-down print. The idea is to go for attractive prints sans going overboard. Some designers recommend adding wallpaper to just one wall and keeping others muted.

If your motive is to make ceilings appear higher, simply choose vertical stripes. These are known to create desired effect. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are appreciated for their quality to make ceilings appear lower. The room will also appear wider with this pattern. For creating a spacious and brighter effect in a room, use a wallpaper with light base colour. Darker colours tend to create an illusion of smaller, constricted, or cosier space.

Assessing the Options

There are a number of options available on the market these days. For instance, customers must make a choice among textured pattern, floral pattern, plain coloured, geometric patterns, and many more. It is important to assess all of these patterns prior to actually deciding on one. Start with collecting some images and samples of wallpapers you find appealing. Now place them all together on a mood board. You may even display them on a scrap book. This way, you will start seeing and get a clearer view of wallpaper. Imagine the final effect and choose one that appeals you the most.

The Look You Desire

You must think about the overall look and theme of home before deciding on a wallpaper. The choice depends on what you are looking for. If a smooth running contemporary look is your choice, then go for a bold geometric pattern. For a chic softer or vintage look, choose spot wallpaper or one with floral patterns.

Visual Effects

If you are looking forward to create some visual effects to your home decor, simply go for textured wallpapers. These wallpapers are eye catching and allows for some unique shadow and light effects into a room.

Easiest Option

One of the most popular options is the designer wallpaper. These come in many beautiful unique patterns and allow homeowners have fun with existing ambience of home. Designer wallpapers allows for creating some dramatic effects. The best part is that these can be changed easily and in no time via re-papering.