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Simple Tips to Clean Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the hottest trends in window dressing. Being elegant, stylish yet practical, these blinds are a pride of any homeowner. However, like other blinds, these tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. But don’t worry. The guide below will help you clean roller blinds at home:

Know the Material

Knowing the material your blinds are made of will help with safe and best cleaning. So check out the material it is made of. Different materials require different cleaning methods. For instance, some of the materials are best cleaned when washed while others only need to be spot cleaned. You can get in touch with your supplier to know about the material.

The Spot Cleaning Technique

Roller blinds that aren’t suitable for washed completely must be spot cleaned. This technique involves cleaning bits and spot that appear dirty to the naked eye. Here’s how you go about it:

Step 1: Vacuum the roller blinds. This will remove all of the dirt, dust, and grime from the surface.

Step 2: Prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and laundry detergent. You need to use this solution as the main cleaning agent for blinds.

Step 3: Test the solution it on a spot that isn’t visible. Wait for some time and see if there are any changes such as change of colour or damage. If nothing goes wrong, start off with the cleaning process.

Step 4: Using a cleaning sponge, clean dirty spots on blinds. You may also use an old toothpaste to clean spots.

Step 5: You can even clean the entire blind with this technique. Make sure you take only small sections at a time.

Step 6: Give a final rinse with clean water.

Precautions: Don’t over wet the blinds.

The Washing Technique

If the fabric of roller blinds is washable then you are lucky. The technique is simple. Here’s how you go about it:

Step 1: Vacuum the blinds to remove dirt and dust from surface.

Step 2: Remove the blind from the roller.

Step 3: Now lay the roller blind flat on the ground.

Step 4: Vacuum the blind again using a brush attachment.

Step 5: Now fill a bathtub with warm water and a very mild detergent.

Step 6: Immerse the blind into the bathtub filled with solution.

Step 7: Allow the blind to soak for a while. This will help loosen the tough or ingrained dirt.

Step 8: Using a sponge, wipe over it to remove dirt.

Step 9: For tougher stains, simply scrub using a toothbrush.

Step 10: Now rinse the roller blind in clean water until there are no traces of detergent left.

Step 11: Lay the blind flat on clothes stand and allow to dry.

Step 12: As a final step, attach the blind to the roller again. Hang it again.